Welcome to the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Qld.

Royal Arch Freemasonry is an important part of the overall Fraternity of Masonry. It is a sovereign body, but at the same time, an integral part of the fabric of what the general public see as Freemasonry. Its history is synonymous with the rise of Freemasonry in England during the 16th and 17th centuries, which rose from the practices of the operative masons when building the great monuments throughout England and Europe.

The Royal Arch is open to any Brother in good standing who has been a Master Mason for more than 12 months and as in Craft Masonry, the Royal Arch is open to men of all faiths. 

Why Join the Royal Arch?

The Royal Arch is the culmination of “pure ancient masonry”. The Craft Lodge gives its Brethren a set of eminently practical rules to live by and teachings in how to be of service to both God (how so ever they perceive that to be) and the community. 

Man, however, is not simply a practical being but has an essential spiritual aspect to his nature. The Royal Arch, offers the candidate a deeper understanding of that journey, without trespassing on the bounds of religion. A companion is led to contemplate the nature of God and his personal relationship with Him.

Thus the Royal Arch leads the candidate from the practical to the spiritual and completes “pure ancient masonry”.

The Degrees of the Holy Royal Arch

The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Queensland controls within it’s jurisdiction the degrees of

  • Mark Master Mason.
  • Worshipful Mark Master *
  • Excellent Master Mason.
  • Royal Arch.
  • Third Principal *
  • Second Principal *
  • First Principal *
  • Royal Ark Mariner.
  • Worshipful Commander Noah *
  • Red Cross of Babylon.
  • Knight of the East and West.
  • Most Excellent Chief *
  • Most Excellent Master.
  • Royal Master.
  • Select Master.
  • Super Excellent Master.
  • Thrice Illustrious Master *

* Indicates a chair degree of the preceding Order.

These Degrees follow the chronological events from the building of the first temple to the rebuilding of the second and like Craft Masonry they use imagery and symbolism from these events to communicate elements of the system of morality which is universal Freemasonry.

The members of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter are all wholehearted supporters of the great principles of Freemasonry, by being active in their Craft Lodges as well as in their community.

We have chapters all over Queensland and when you Join this Order you will not only enhance your knowledge of Freemasonry but by actual participation in the Degrees you will also become a valued Companion of a fraternity based on friendship as well as gaining profound insights into Freemasonry that is available only to Mark and Royal Arch Masons.

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Masonic Memorial Temple
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