Mission Statement


Provide a proper foundation and framework, in a supportive environment, for Royal Arch Freemasonry to prosper



Objective 1

Provide strong strategic leadership from Grand Chapter.

Objective 2

Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Grand Lodge.

Objective 3

Promote a quality program of education and training.

Objective 4

Obtain and retain membership.


Key Objective 1 Provide Strong Strategic Leadership from Grand Chapter


Continual reinforcement of the key strategies of S.G.R.A.C.Q. through a range of communication channels including web-site and social media, GSE communications, and modeling of best practices by Grand Chapter Officers

Promote excellence and best practices by the selection of high calibre candidates, particularly for Grand Chapter Office

The four Principal Officers of Grand Chapter must be highly visible in the promotion of our aims for excellence



District Grand Educators to be properly trained and instructed in identifying and recruiting suitable Grand Chapter Officers


Key Objective 2 Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Grand Lodge


Regular scheduled meetings of the Most Worshipful Grand Master and the Most Excellent First Grand Principal - to discuss and develop strategies for the joint promotion of both Orders

Regular scheduled meetings of the President of Board of General Purposes and the President of Grand Committee - to discuss and develop strategies for the joint promotion of both Orders

Pursue the promotion of Royal Arch Masonry at Craft Lodge level under guidelines agreed with Grand Lodge

Promote the establishment of partnerships between Lodges and Chapters



Promotional booklets have been produced for distribution to potential candidates.

A list of suggested responses for Chapter members looking to recruit candidates from Craft lodges and advising them of how to handle typical objections from members of those lodges, such as:

Negativity from Craft members only

  • The Chapter strongly encourages all members to be active in their lodges
  • Chapter members MUST be lodge members
  • Chapter offers a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge
  • This is contrary to our arrangement with UGLQ
  • A lodge member may join a Royal Arch Chapter one year after taking the 3˚

“You need to have been a Worshipful Master of your lodge before joining the Royal Arch”

“You need to master lodge ritual first”

  • Chapter ritual sheds light and explanation on the ritual of the 2˚ and 3˚
  • It can take many years to master lodge ritual

“Freemasons are time poor”

  • It is really up to each individual how much time he can devote to his masonry
  • For the first few years at least, Chapter does not require meeting every month, and many Chapters meet only bi-monthly
  • In the UK, lodge members are expected to join a Royal Arch Chapter immediately after completing their 3˚


Key Objective 3 Promote a quality program of education and training


i. Potential Members


Promotion of the Royal Arch Order

Explanation of it being the culmination of Pure Ancient Masonry, its place in the tree of Masonic knowledge, and the reasons why Craft Masons should join

ii. Existing Chapter Members


Chapters to have education programs to expand the knowledge of the Royal Arch among their members

Promote the taking of office in the Chapter as an integral part of the education program.

iii. Chapter Officers


Educate Chapter Officers in the importance of delivering good ritual work

Promote the responsibility of Chapter Officers in the mentoring of new members and introduce a program to implement this

Provide training opportunities at Chapter and/or District level

Promote the opportunities for Past Principals as Active Grand Chapter Officers


iv. Grand Chapter Officers


Provide ongoing education in Active Grand Chapter Officer roles and responsibilities

Promote the need for Grand Chapter Officers to accept, as their personal responsibility, a commitment to ceremonial proficiency

Provide ongoing training opportunities to assist in achieving this goal, with the over-riding theme being, “Know what you are expected to do, and know how to do it.”



1. Potential Members

Promotion of the Royal Arch Order by

  • Masonic Family Expo and Open House held alternately bi-annually
  • Craft Masons Information Meetings conducted by a Grand Chapter Team at specially convened Chapter meetings
  • Masonic Centre Notice Boards

2. Existing Chapter Members

  • Availability of lectures and addresses on the Grand Chapter web-site
  • The Prologues and Epilogues book produced by the Education and Training Committee which is issued to all Chapters
  • District Grand Educators to promote taking up Grand Chapter Office

3. Chapter Officers

  • Good ceremonial work is essential and ritual should be learnt for delivery to candidates
  • The Chapter should do the work itself, possibly with assistance from other Chapters. Grand Chapter should be the last resort for doing the work at Chapters.
  • A Mentors’ Handbook is being finalised and should be available for distribution early in 2015
  • Share Cryptic and Red Cross Degree work between Chapters. This could be facilitated with the help of the District Grand Educator

4. Grand Chapter Officers

  • District Grand Educators and senior Grand Chapter Officers to identify, approach and recruit potential Grand Chapter Officers


Key Objective 4 Obtain and Retain Members


i. Obtain


Enliven Craft Mason Information Session presentations

DGE’s to encourage Chapter members to strongly promote the Royal Arch Order at their Craft lodges

Mentor current Chapter members on how to approach possible candidates at their Craft lodges

Articulate how the Royal Arch series of degrees further explains and expands on the Craft degrees


ii. Retain


Split work (long charges) such as Principal Sojourner and the Mystical Lecture in the Royal Arch or the Tracing Board in the Mark Degree

Combined meetings at other Chapters that do not have work

Mentoring – need for a Royal Arch Mentoring Handbook (Manual)

Involve members in all Chapter activities – give them a reason to belong


1. Obtain

  • All Districts to be encouraged to hold an Open Night (Craft Masons Information Meeting) on a regular basis
  • District Grand Educators to encourage Chapter Members to strongly promote the Royal Arch at their Craft Lodges in order to recruit Candidates
  • Mentor current Chapter members on how to approach possible candidates at their Craft lodges
  • Articulate and explain how the Royal Arch series of degrees further explains and expands on the Craft degrees

2. Retain

  • Split the work (long charges) such as Principal Sojourner work, as well as the Mystical Lecture in the Royal Arch Degree or the Tracing Board Lecture in the Mark Degree. The decision to do this is up to the individual Chapters
  • It is suggested that Chapters, having worked a degree, should schedule an educational session at the festive board or at the next meeting, depending on their degree work schedule
  • Combine degree work meetings with other Chapters who do not have work
  • Involve members in all Chapter activities. This gives them a reason to belong and feel wanted and productive

The Grand Scribe Ezra


Mervyn H Gray, GSE



 Office Manager



Mrs Tetty Mackinnon


4 principal

From left to Right : R. Ex. Comp. I.M (Ian) Hodgson, GH; R. Ex. Comp. C.O. (Col) Mander, DGZ;

M. Ex. Comp. K.J (Kirby) Leeke, GZ; R. Ex. Comp. D (David) Gray, GJ



First Grand Principal



Deputy First Grand Principal.



Second Grand Principal

R. Ex. Comp. I.M. Hodgson

Third Grand Principal

V. Ex. Comp. D. Gray

Grand Chaplain

R. Ex. Comp. S. F. Murie

Deputy Grand Chaplain

R. Ex. Comp. R. B. B. Borg (Rockhampton)


V. Ex. Comp. C. O. Hay (Wide Bay)


R. Ex. Comp. P. F. Keller (Wide Bay)

Grand Scribe Ezra

R. Ex. Comp. J. F. France (appointed)

Grand Scribe Nehemiah

R. Ex. Comp. H. McBryde

President of Grand Committee

M. Ex. Comp. J. S. Ross

Grand Treasurer


Grand Registrar

R. Ex. Comp. D. J. Gifford (appointed)

Grand Educator

R. Ex. Comp. V. G. Flood

Grand Researcher


Grand Director of Ceremonies

V. Ex. Comp. V. R. McInnes

Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies

R. Ex. Comp. J. V. Edwards


V. Ex. Comp. D. McGregor


R. Ex. Comp. D. J. Wust (Rockhampton)

Grand Principal Sojourner

R. Ex. Comp. J. V. Doyle (Cairns)


R. Ex. Comp. E. B. Evans (Townsville)


V. Ex. Comp. R. Capps (Townsville)


V. Ex. Comp. J. D. Smith (Mackay)


V. Ex. Comp. C. J. Jackson (Rockhampton)


V. Ex. Comp. M. L. Diaz


V. Ex. Comp. B. P. Muirhead

Grand Second Sojourner

R. Ex. Comp. A. Macdonald (Tully)


V. Ex. Comp. J. M. Edwards (Rockhampton)


V. Ex. Comp. R. W. Keates


V. Ex. Comp. B. J. Willett


V. Ex. Comp. T. O. Powys

Grand Third Sojourner

V. Ex. Comp. R. S. Maher (Cairns)


V. Ex. Comp. I. W. Burns (Townsville)


V. Ex. Comp. N. A. Pittaway


V. Ex. Comp. E. Roberts


R. Ex. Comp. N. N. Shepherd


V. Ex. Comp. P.A. Horn (Chinchilla)

Grand Sword Bearer

Ex. Comp. A. I. Young (Townsville)


V. Ex. Comp. A. J. Coutts (Chinchilla)


V. Ex. Comp. D. W. Smith


V. Ex. Comp. I. K. Matthewson


Ex. Comp. P. T. Southon

Grand Standard Bearer

Ex. Comp. R. C. Rogers (Townsville)


Ex. Comp. D. Britten (Wide Bay)


Ex. Comp. R. I. Jackson


V. Ex. Comp. K. Robinson-Griffiths


V. Ex. Comp. L. J. Ritchie


V. Ex. Comp. I. Flaton

Grand Organist

R. Ex. Comp. G. M. Kirkegaard


V. Ex. Comp. T. G. Wilkinson

Grand Steward


Grand Herald

R. Ex. Comp. G. G. Maltby

Grand Janitor

Comp. J. J. Stopford


DISTRICT GRAND EDUCATORS - 2016/2017          
District Chapters in District Appellation Proposed DGE Past Rank Serving Prop. DGE Chapter
Gold Coast Beaudesert 69, Beenleigh 125, Burleigh Heads 148 V. Ex. Comp. Alan Godsmark DGE DGE Beenleigh 125
Brisbane South Brisbane Queensland 3, Stephens 78, Indooroopilly 109 V. Ex. Comp. Bob Thistlethwaite DGE DGE St Mungo 46
Brisbane Central Prince of Wales 1, East Brisbane Daylight 43, St Mungo 46, Lord Saltoun 90, V. Ex. Comp. Neil Arthur Jones PGSWDBR   Kedron Daylight 152
Brisbane North Caboolture 68, Lutwyche 72, Gloucester 110,          
  Kedron Daylight 152 V. Ex. Comp. Patrick Malone DGE DGE Lutwyche 72
Brisbane West Limestone Caledonian 4, Grant 121, Laidley 139  R. Ex. Comp. Lex Goodwin PGJ DGE Limestone Caledonian 4
Toowoomba 1 Mylne 5, Southern Cross 17 V. Ex. Comp. Noel Mapes PGPSOJ   Mylne 5
Toowoomba 2 Everingham 32, Oakey 97, Crows Nest 111 V. Ex. Comp. Chris Binding DGE DGE Crows Nest 111
Chinchilla Chinchilla 91, Roma Mitchell 94, Meandarra 144 V. Ex. Comp. Ian Campbell PGSWDBR   Meandarra 144
Sunshine Coast Gympie 14, Nambour 57 R. Ex. Comp. Bob Hannell PGH   Nambour 57 
Kingaroy Murgon 74 V. Ex. Comp. Robert Westley DGE DGE Murgon 74
Wide Bay Waratah Tyrian 15, Corinthian 26, Acacia 126 V. Ex. Comp. Neville Rayfield DGE DGE Corinthian 26
Emerald Leichhardt 93, Yeppoon 130 V. Ex. Comp. Peter McDonald DGE DGE Nambour 57 Yeppoon 130
Biloela Biloela 114, Monal 118 V. Ex. Comp. Ian Cruikshank PGSTDBR   Biloela 114
Capricornia Unity 7, Mount Morgan 9 V. Ex. Comp. Jack Hook (John) DGE DGE Mt Morgan 9
Whitsunday Kennedy 6, Mackenzie 20 R. Ex. Comp. Victor Clarendon PGJ DGE Kennedy 6
Townsville Charters Towers Catenarian 8, Cleveland 18, Wattle 42, Townsville 104 V. Ex. Comp. Norm Souter-Smith DGE DGE Cleveland 18
Cairns Gregory 21, Cairns Composite 27, Kelvin 66 V. Ex. Comp. Bob Ruddell DGE DGE Cairns Composite 27
Tablelands Ravenshoe 119, Tully 82 R. Ex. Comp. Grant Bransgrove PDGZ DGE Ravenshoe 119
Papua New Guinea Newport Memorial 128, New Guinea 129 R. Ex. Comp. David Flinn PGJ DGE Newport Memorial 128







“We live in the best of times, we live in the worst of times”, to borrow and rearrange Charles Dickens opening words from his book “A Tale of Two Cities”. I contend it is up to each of us to work out which part of the rearranged quote we wish to live by. I take the former and remain very upbeat about our Order and its progress. What part do you take?

Since my last report in November last year we have lost R.Ex.Comp Adrian Wakeling as a DGE but now welcome V.Ex.Comp Bob Ruddell as his replacement in Cairns. Also settling in as new DGE’s are R.Ex.Comp. Ian Hay (welcome back Ian) in Brisbane Central, R.Ex.Comp. Des Soley in Sunshine Coast, V.Ex.Comp. John Hook in Capricornia, and R.Ex.Comp. Victor Clarendon in Whitsunday. They, and our existing DGE’s have a most important role in our Order as they support and encourage our Chapters and their members.

Ritual Reading It is a matter that apparently most Chapters are having challenges with. I have taken this matter to Grand Committee and it has been discussed. One of the concerns that came up was what are we doing to assist members with different ways of learning Ritual. Outcome was that it should be known that Grand Chapter does not support the practice of reading Ritual however it is realised that in certain instances such as age and very late notice to an officer it may be necessary for reading to occur and in those rare instances we should be seen to be supporting the officer. As well we will use the Red Pages of the Freemasons Magazine to include articles on suggestions on how to learn ritual. For those members who are reading it is imperative that they receive productive feedback from their Chapter members as to the quality of their reading.

Use of Technology Please note that for a Charge to be presented with the use of Technology the presentation must be approved by Grand Committee. At present approval has been given for Jewel Lecture, Mark Alphabet and Mark Tracing Board and these are available from Grand Chapter Office on Flash Drives. What Chapters will need to make use of these is a laptop computer and projector and screen or suitable wall. A valuable hint is that it should not be used unless (a) it has been practiced before any ceremony and (b) equipment is ready and in place before the ceremony. Please note if you are or you are aware of a Companion who is skilled in producing lectures you or he should be encouraged to do so - just ensure that before use they are sanctioned by Grand Committee.

Membership We must all be aware of the need to seek out good quality candidates, A Candidate revitalises our meetings as we refresh our memories of the Ritual and its meaning, we have the opportunity of Mentoring a Companion and it means that our Order stays alive. If we stagnate we will slowly wither away. Be positive in your search for new Candidates – opportunities are all around us. In every Craft Lodge there must be at least one Brother in search of knowledge.

Web-site How long has it been since you have visited our Royal Arch Web-site? We have updated a number of items of late under the Education box. Log on and have a look.

Finally, as “I consider we live in the best of times” maybe it is because we have such a hardworking and talented team of DGE’s working for the Companions of our Order. I thank them for their efforts. As well I place on record our appreciation and thanks to Grand Scribe Ezra John France and Office Administrator Tetty Mackinnon.

Companion Vernon Flood

Grand Educator


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