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Red Cross of Constantine

The Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Constantine


The Red Cross of Constantine

The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Appendant Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of Saint John the Evangelist to give its full title, is a Masonic Order of Christian Knighthood asking an allegiance to the Christian religion.

This Order of Christian Chivalry is the only Masonic Order which gives a Christian interpretation of the Craft and Royal Arch.

Its beginnings are obscure, strange, fascinating and, to some extent, frustrating, but, suffice to say, the workings as known today were established by a Robert Wentworth Little in 1985. Its purpose apparently was the creation of a Medieval Masonic Knighthood as an honour and as a way in which a Mason could be raised into the "Upper Class".

The Order consists of two degrees.


The first , Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine, is founded on a vision of the Roman Emperor, Flavius Valerius Constantine which is said to have led to his establishing Christianity as the official religion of the United Roman Empire.

Masonic tradition suggests that an Order was formed honouring those who showed outstanding valour on the field of battle on the day of his vision, and fifty (50) Knights became a special honour guard.


During the degree, reference is made to the Roman College of Architects who it is said, were the direct ancestors of the Comacine Masons from whom Freemasonry descends.

The second degree consists of three points representing Novice, Esquire and Knight. Both degrees are of deep mystical significance, explaining the Craft and Royal Arch in a Christian sense.


It should be remembered that when this Order was founded, Freemasonry was avowedly Christian, demanding that its members attend Church every Sunday if within walking distance or 50 miles by horseback.


This Order obviously deserves great respect. It indicates how the various incidents in the history of the Hero in the Craft degree can be interpreted in the light of the Christian story.


The Grand Imperial Conclave for Queensland consists of twenty (20) Conclaves, and was established in 1984. Prior to this it served as a Divisional Conclave of England, when 1900 E.H. Courtenay Luck was granted a patent to create Master Masons of "good repute" members.

Qualifications for membership of the Order are : financial membership of a Craft Lodge and of a Royal Arch Chapter and a belief in the Christian Trinity.

If more information is needed, and/or you would like to become a member, it is suggested that you contact one of the Recorders of a Conclave whose names and addresses are contained in the Masonic directory of United Grand Lodge of Queensland or you can contact the Grand Recorder of this Order.


Printed under the authority of Grand Committee of the Grand Imperial Conclave for Queensland.

Grand Recorder:-Owen Vickers, PO BOX 1099, Caboolture 4510

Tel: (07) 5496 7193

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brisbane Conclaves

  • Brisbane Duke of Cornwall - Stones Corner
  • Courtenay Luck - Ipswich
  • Thornton Memorial - Kedron
  • Rose of Sharon - Southport
  • Arkana - Stones Corner
  • Alpha - Beenleigh


Queensland Country Conclaves

  • Nazareth - Cairns
  • Trinity - Toowoomba
  • Bethlehem - Townsville
  • The Good Shepherd - Bundaberg
  • Capricorn - Rockhampton
  • Charleville - Roma
  • Nambour - Nambour
  • Sandy Shores - Hervey Bay


Useful Forms for Chapter Scribes.


Form Description   File Name.  
Chapter Meeting Report    CMR - GC1/03.
Degree Abbreviations    Degree Abbreviations.
Nomination Form - Grand Principals    Nomination for Office - Grand Principal
Nomination Form - Other G/Chap Officers    Nomination for Active Grand Chapter Officer
Conferral Past Grand Renk    Conferral Past Grand Rank 
Grand Chapter Visitations    Request for G/Chap Visitations.
Joining Application    Joining Application - GC9/08.
Joining Application - Financial    Certificate of Lodge Membership.
Ritual Order Form    Ritual Order Form 


M.Ex. Comp. K.J. (Kirby) Leeke GZ

First Grand Principal
Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Queensland.


Kirby was born in Brisbane in 1956. He attended Everton Park State Primary School, and completed his high school education at Brisbane Grammar School. Completing an accounting degree in 1977 at Queensland Institute of Technology (now Queensland University of Technology), he worked for 5 years with a major international accounting firm – KPMG, before commencing in private practice as a Chartered Accountant in 1982, a business he has owned and operated for almost 35 years. He is a Registered Tax Agent, Registered Company Auditor, Registered Superannuation Fund Auditor, a member of a number of professional associations, and is a director and/or secretary of several public and private companies.
Kirby joined the scouting movement in 1965, and continued through all the sections in the movement until he completed his youth membership in 1983. He served as Finance Director for the Works Department for the 1982/1983 Scout Jamboree, and also for the Activities Department for the 1997/1998 Jamboree, both held in Brisbane. In 1990, he became a Scout Leader and served the movement as a leader for 25 years (until 2015). In February, 1999, he was presented with the Silver Arrowhead Award, in 2009 the Silver Wattle Award, and in July, 2016 the Rover Service Award, as well as many other awards and training certificates. He is still an adult member of the Scout Movement.
Kirby was married to Denise in 1981, and has been blessed with 3 daughters, Kathryn (29), Michelle (27) and Serena (24), who have also been heavily involved in the Scouting Movement.
Kirby played social squash, competition tennis, ten pin bowling (being secretary and recorder of the league for several years), and lawn bowls, being then one of the youngest lawn bowlers, joining when he was 18, just after the age limit for membership was dropped from 21 to 18.
He was heavily involved in politics (behind the scenes), and Kirby and his wife were both State Treasurer and Branch Chairmen, Treasurers and Secretary for 10 years. Both Kirby and Denise were awarded meritorious service awards for their service and efforts.

Because of his scouting background, Kirby was initiated into Freemasonry into Baden Powell Lodge on 12th October, 1988, and raised on 11th October 1989. He served all progressive offices, and was installed as Worshipful Master on 11th May, 1995, and served 2 further years as WM in 2003 and 2004.
He was elected as a Director of the Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons' Widows and Orphans' Fund on 4th September, 1996, an office he served for 14 years, including 11 years as the Treasurer of that Board. Under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland Constitution, a member of the Board of Benevolence cannot hold active Grand Lodge office while serving on that Board, but he was conferred with the Past Grand Ranks of Past Junior Grand Deacon, Past Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, and finally Past Junior Grand Warden on 3rd March, 2010.
He was advanced to the Mark Degree on 2nd September 1999, and exalted to the Holy Royal Arch on 1st June 2000. Again, serving all progressive offices, he was installed as First Principal and Worshipful Mark Master of Gloucester Royal Arch Chapter No. 110 on 28th May, 2007, Worshipful Commander Noah in 2008, Thrice Illustrious Master in 2009, and Most Excellent Chief in 2011.
Being appointed as Grand Treasurer for the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Queensland in 2006, he served that office until he was appointed Deputy First Grand Principal in May, 2015. He is still acting Grand Treasurer.
Kirby joined the Great Priory of Queensland (Knights Templar) on 6th February, 2007, and served as Preceptor in 2011. He was appointed Great Treasurer in June, 2010, an office he still holds today and was awarded the Knight Grand Cross of the Temple (KCT) in June of this year.





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